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Bookcase San Sebastian BOOKSF03

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The shelves of this handcrafted bookcase are hidden by elegantly designed cabinet doors. This solid wood bookcase has a top crown molding, and below the molding are lovely, carved, floral and scroll designs, followed by carved vertical details. Its front is adorned with three, large, cabinet doors, and the face of each door is adorned with a geometric beveled design. There is a forged iron handle on the side of each door. Inside of the doors are large adjustable shelves. On each side of its upper front is an ornate, turned, halved column, and the top and bottom of each column is garnished with carved floral details. Directly below are three rectangular drawers, and in the center of each drawer is a forged iron handle. The front of the base has three cabinet doors, and the face of each door is enhanced with an arched beveled design. Each side of the front base is enriched with carved floral details, and the below the doors is a Spanish colonial style apron garnished with carved floral and scroll designs. On its lateral sides are three, vertical, beveled, rectangular panels. The bookshelf rest on a staggered base, and the base is enriched with a carved, twist rope design. It has a lovely dark finish, and it is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 96" W x 108" H x 20" D

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