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Bookcase San Jeronimo BOOKSF02

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This solid wood, handcrafted bookcase features three, towering, horizontal sections resting on a robust desk. Its top section has a staggered design, with three, open, rectangular areas. The top is adorned with a wide cornice. The tall, centered, upper section is embellished with carved floral and scroll designs below the cornice. The middle section has a center open section adorned with a decorative shelf. On each side of the open area are two cabinet doors, and each door is covered with glass. There is a forged iron handle on the side of each door. Its lower section has a large, rectangular, open area, with shelving on each side. Supporting the upper frame is a sturdy desk with a classic design. The desk has a wide top, and its top rim is enhanced with a carved, twist rope design. It has an open area for a chair, and the open area is positioned slightly off-center. There are two rectangular drawers to the right of the open area. On its left are two rectangular drawers of varying sizes, with two cabinet doors of varying sizes below. The drawers have forged iron handles in their center, and the doors have forged iron pull handles on its side. The bookcase rest on a staggered molding base, and it has an opulent dark finish. It is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 96" W x 116" H x 21" D

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