Our elegant handcrafted sofas are beautifully upholstered with the best quality leather available. Designed in a variety of classical or Western styles, our sofas, loveseats, and settees are comfortable as well as beautiful. While our sofas are principally covered in rich elegant leather, we can also incorporate high quality fabric if your personal design requires. All upholstery work is painstakingly sewn and our fine leather upholstery is hand tacked with precision to the solid, handcrafted, wood sofa frame. Each sofa is designed with plush cushions, solid stuffed armrest, and extra coordinated pillows are available. The size of our sofas can vary from very wide to small, and we can design the sofa that reflects your personal needs and interest. Other options that are available to you are hand turned sofa legs and feet, wood engraving, or custom iron work, all created in our factory by our craftsmen. You have the opportunity to work directly with Jorge Kurczyn, our master designer, in the creation of your individual design of your sofa. We also have a variety of existing original designs of sofas, and we can modify an existing design for you. Please view the photographs in our photo gallery of existing original designs of our sofas. Please use these photographs as reference ideas for the design of your particular sofa, as we can mix designs of our existing sofas to produce your design. Jorge Kurczyn can work directly with you in the design and construction of your sofa. We promise you that your sofa will be functional art that will last for generations to come. [MORE...]