Wine Cabinets

It is time to have a new home for your best wine. Made of the best wood available and beautifully finished, our wine cabinet will be a classic additional to your living room. Many of our designs have an elegant Spanish colonial style, and we can help you create your own personal custom design. Jorge Kurczyn, our master designer, can work directly with you in the design of your handcrafted wine cabinet, and we will build it. This custom furniture has many options including open shelving and hidden shelving for wine racks or free space. Arch central doors, cabinet doors, and drawers can be incorporated in the design and decorated with ornate hand-carving, hand tooled copper, and with hand forged handles and iron work. All of our decorative work is produced in our factory by our skilled craftsmen. Also, we invite you to view the photographs in the photo gallery of our existing original wine cabinets. Please use these photographs as reference ideas for the design of your particular wine cabinet, as we can mix designs of our existing wine cabinets to produce your design. Jorge Kurczyn Furniture can work directly with you in the design and construction of your wine cabinet. We promise you that your wine cabinet will be functional art that will last for generations to come.[MORE...]