Enter Units

Our beautifully made, yet practical, custom handcrafted entertainment unit will be the center of attention in your living room. In the design we can incorporate drawers, shelving hidden by doors, or open shelving for books and the display of personal items. The design can provide a space for a TV display and a space beneath for music equipment. Our entertainment units can be decorated with hand forged iron door handles and iron pattern details, hand tooled copper, or wood engraving. All of the decorative work is produced in our factory by our skilled craftsmen. Our handcrafted furniture is custom made, so we will build your entertainment unit according to your specifications and design. Jorge Kurczyn, or master designer, can work directly with you in your original design, or we can modify one of our existing original designs. This opportunity is not available to you with other furniture manufacturers. Please take the opportunity to view the photographs in the photo gallery of our existing original designs of our entertainment units. Please use these photographs as reference ideas for the designs of your particular entertainment unit, as we can mix designs of parts of other entertainment units to produce your design. We look forward to working with you on an individual basis to create your original functional art that will last for generations to come. [MORE...]