How do you pronounce your name?

Funny enough, this is the most common question people ask me. My first name, Jorge, is Spanish for George. It is pronounced [hawr•hey]. My last name, which is slightly trickier, is Kurczyn. It is pronounced [kur•sahyn].

What type of wood is your furniture made of?

Our most comonally used woods are Pinero and Montero, but our wood selection is virtually unending. All of our woods are kiln dried to our exact specifications, and we use no commercial wood products.

What about the finish?

All of our hand-crafted, solid wood furniture is finished with a hand-rubbed-in-house-made color mix stain created for that particular design to ensure a thorough saturation and give each piece a unique hand-finished character. Lending to the overall distinctiveness of our product line, no two pieces have an identical machine-like finish.

Where is your furniture made?

All of our hand-crafted, solid wood furniture is made in America.

Where does your furniture ship from?

Our distribution warehouse is located in Laredo, Texas. As soon as your order is ready for delivery, our warehouse representative will contact with shipping details.

How long do I have to wait for my furniture after making a purchase?

We do not buy and sell furniture like stores or retailers. We design and manufacture all of our products from scratch. Thus, our standard delivery time is 8 to 10 weeks. However, if you need a quicker delivery, we can arrange to expedite the timeframe.

What about delivery?

Deliveries are readily available via affordable, licensed and bonded sub-contractors and can generally be accommodated at your convenience to suit your schedule. Prices for delivery may be quoted upon request.

Can all of your furniture be mixed and matched?

Absolutely! Please browse our various furniture lines and other products & accessories. We have an enormous selection of finished products and raw designs for you to choose from, or the option to have Jorge design you something from scratch. Please, don't hesitate to send us your fabric, leather, or any & all other accent ideas and we will make your dreams come true!

Do you make custom orders?

Absolutely! The greatest joy of our service is to hear clients tell us what they're looking for. We live to design for our clients. Customization is our backbone!

Do you offer military or any other institutional discounts?

Absolutely! As veterans ourselves, we are proud to offer whatever discounts we can manage to any service member (retired or active). In fact, for all disabled veterans and cowboys that are in need of special assitance furniture, we will make it for free!