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Chair CHR132

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With its formal leather upholstery and its button tuft design, this handcrafted armchair can adorn your living room or your office. The padded seat, part of the armrest, and both sides of the seat back are upholstered with rich, brown full grain leather. The seat cushion and the inside seat back have a beautiful, button tuft design. The leather upholstery is precision hand tacked to the wood frame with ornate, decorative nails. The padded seat back of this custom chair is wide at its top and curves beautifully as it connects to the base of the seat.
The outside rim of the seat back and the base of the seat are embellished on each side with hand carved, scalloped designs.
Additionally, the base of the seat is adorned with brown, embossed, leather trim, hand tacked with decorative nails. The chair is supported by straight, hand turned front legs, and simple, slightly splayed back legs. The legs are joined by hand turned crossbars on two sides of the chair. The chair is made with the best, sustainable, wood available, and it is 100% customizable.

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