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Bed Cruz de Cobre 7 BED25F

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Add contrasting color to your bedroom with the antique, turquoise finish of this gorgeous, handcrafted, Spanish colonial style bed. The bed has a curved headboard with an opulent, top crest, and the crest is garnished with luxurious, hand carved, floral and scroll designs. Below the crest is a twist rope design, followed by silver finished, hand hammered and hand tooled, copper conchos. The front of the headboard has four, rectangular cut panels, and each panel is adorned with regularly spaced, silver finished, hand forged, copper conchos. The headboard is framed with solid wood uprights, and each upright is embellished with hand carved, floral designs, and with a hand turned, irregular, top sphere. The bed has a solid wood, structural base and it rest on slightly, splayed, square cut legs. It is made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available, and it is 100% customizable.

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