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Bar Stool Saddle 5 BST31C

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Every component of our saddle bar stools, including the hand forged iron cochos, are made in our factory by our skilled craftsmen. The full grain leather and genuine cowhide in our saddle bar stools are hand sewn by our craftsmen using our double stitch process for durability and strength. Reflecting this quality to detail, this original handcrafted saddle bar stool features a custom made, embossed full grain leather backhouse cowboy saddle with horn and swell wood body. The saddle seat is made of various kinds of full grain leather, including a patterned leather seat and flaps, and real cowhide on long fenders. Genuine leather fringe decorates the low back rim, and the saddle is also decorated with hand forged slotted copper conchos with a silver finish with latigo tie strings. The horn is ornately decorated with a circular inlaid hand forged iron medallion with floral designs. The saddle seat is secured and embellished by hand tacks and double stitched sewing patterns. The entire saddle seat securely rest on a hand turned wood trumpet pedestal, supported by four hand carved wood feet, and joined by a hand forged circular footrest. It swivels 180° and is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 22" W x 37" H x 27" D

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