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Bench Nazario 2 BCH60I

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The padded seat and the raised padded armrests of this handcrafted bench are upholstered with spectacular, full grain leather, and the leather incorporates two gorgeous designs. Centered in the upholstery is a beautiful floral design with turquoise colored highlights. The sides of the upholstery have a simulated crocodile pattern that works wonderfully with the brown tones of the bench. The upholstery is precision-tacked to the frame with decorative gilt nails, and the junctions of the leather are double stitched together for extra strength and durability. The bench has a solid wood frame, and the lower frame is adorned with a carved, twist rope design. Centered in the front of the frame is an open space, and on each side of the centered space are magnificent, carved, prickly pear cactuses. The cactuses are embellished with a distressed turquoise finish. It is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 60" W x 18" H x 18" D

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