Hi Shari,
My Saddle stand arrived today and just want to thank you to your company, truly appreciate your attention to detail. As a carpenter by trade it great to see there are some that still have pride in their work.
I will recommend your company to my colleagues in the building trades in Arizona and Utah.

Scott T.

Just received and assembled the Pueblo Saddle stand for my father's saddle (over 70 years old and well used on his ranch in Texas). Quality is superb. Delivery was a bit confusing but after that was sorted, the saddle was shipped from Laredo, Texas and arrived in Santa Fe 3 days later. Delivery was perfect and the saddle was very well packed for shipping.

Very pleased with the saddle stand. It is a beautiful addition to my office in Santa Fe. Super quality and a very responsive ordering process.

Marlin Forbes
Santa Fe, NM

Jorge is the best. I bought me and my wife a custom saddle stand. We love them. Thanks again Jorge.

Stewart Thomas
Megargel texas

Jorge and Shari,
Are great owners who really care about their customers.
They both go the extra mile to make sure you have the exact product that fits your needs.
Ae a family owned business they are working through this COVID-19 pandemic that employs more than sixty people which continues to stimulate our economy during a time when most Mom & Pop stores are going out of business. Jorge was hurt bad in an accident and he pushes through the pain everyday & together with his wife Shari they are both great contributors to our society & the world. We need more business owners like them who provide great skilled handmade products at a great price. They both are thrilling contributors to this world & their clients during these challenges we are all facing. They make us stronger! Thanks Jorge & Shari for all you do for so many! We greatly appreciate all you have overcome and all the hand tooled work and design you and your workers do to make your products that are the very best!
Keep going strong with our best,

Kevin & Dora
U. S. A.

Beautiful products! I will elaborate further once the saddle stand arrives.
Thanks Shari for your fast and responsive help,

Nigel C.
U. S. A.

We received the stand about a year ago.
It is beautiful--thank you so much!

Louel G.
U. S. A.

Jorge K Furniture is my go to for all of my personal furnishings as well as my Interior Design client’s furnishings. Their craftsmanship is impeccable. My tradesmen and clients always compliment on the quality of their pieces. Jorge K Furniture have artists that can do carvings that are so impressive. They have done several custom projects for me including interior doors, beds, tables, chairs, benches, vanities as well as a decorative wood carved ceiling for my Master Bedroom. Not to mention their prices are very reasonable!

Rhonda Collins
U. S. A.

We're thrilled with the customized Hernan credenzas Jorge Kurczyn's craftsmen made for us. The hand-carved wood paneling is gorgeous and makes each piece one of a kind. The hammered, naturally-patinated copper top on one of them beautifully complements the rustic elegance of the set.

Angie & Martin
U. S. A.

Hi Shari,
I went to DHL warehouse this morning to get the stand back home and just unwrapped it. It is now sitting in our house. It is a most beautiful piece of craftmanship. We are stunned by its beauty and it goes so perfectly in our house (picture attached).
Thanks to Jorge for his beautiful work.

Dominique and Rachel
U. S. A.

I worked with Shari at Jorge K furniture to design and furnish a large part of my home in the Palm Springs desert. I have a Spanish Colonial home and found it impossible to locate any furniture with that style in mind. After web searching for hours and days, trying different wording, I landed on Jorges Kurczyn's website. It was overwhelming at first because everything is custom made. But once I started working with Shari via Chat, the ball got rolling. She helped with design, wood, stain and fabric selections from start to finish, tweaking here and there before getting to the final approval. My pieces include an entry alcove table, entry bench, large coffee table, bar stools, dining room chairs, and a beautiful credenza/sofa table. I also had matching pillows made for my sofa to coordinate with the bar stools and dining room chairs.

Shari gave me fabric websites to look through so I could order samples to see in-person. All of the finished pieces are made to exact measurements and are absolutely beautiful. The quality is "5 Star". I can't give enough positive remarks about the experience. If and when I need another piece or home to furnish, I'll definitely be reaching out to them.

Barbara B.
U. S. A.

Hi Shari! Wow!! Please let everyone know just how pleased we are with our furniture!! It is absolutely gorgeous!! All of it!! I don't know what I love best!! Let me know when you think the drawer will ship out and how it is coming...so we can be looking for it. Thank you for the many months of emails and your willingness to get every detail just perfect for us!!! I'll send some pics!!

Mike and Jill
U. S. A.

Jorge, I spoke with you by phone a few months ago and commissioned you to build a saddle stand for me. I just removed the packing a few moments ago. The saddle stand is beautiful and the brand was an excellent choice. It may become our actual brand and logo going forward‎. Thank-you for such excellent work. I assure you that I will be contacting you again for some of your beautiful products.

Warm regards,

Frank Killoran
Apache Springs Ranch


Charlie Rogers

Good morning!!!

Hey just a quick note to let you know that Lety did a great job of wrapping my saddle stand for shipment. I called her to let her know that everything was perfect on arrival. I also wanted to call you but I must have misplaced your cell number. I wanted to personally thank you.

Wow, may stand is more beautiful than words can express. The workmanship is truly outstanding. I love the branding iron too. Believe me the wait was worth it!!! Please tell your staff and craftsmen that I really appreciate the quality of their work.

You folks just don't make furniture - you make dreams come true. I will cherish my stand and I am sure it will be passed onto my son. I just love it!!! It will be a family treasure for sure.

Thank you for all the time you put into this little project. Because of you and your hard work you have a very satisfied and happy customer!!
I look forward to working with you in the future.

Again, thank you for making this such a rewarding experience. You are terrific.


When Ken and I first moved to Mexico and were settling in to our new home (rental), I thought we should add a few pieces of furniture. I wanted items that were made in Mexico and something different. After searching "tienda por muebles" with no luck I decided to search the web. Anything is possible right?
I came across a designer by the name of Jorge Kurczyn, try to pronounce that last name! His designs are Spanish Colonial - Western - Copper and some Ironwork. Everything is made by hand, you can customize every piece and the workmanship is outstanding. His factory is located in central Mexico and I believe another in Texas (not sure on that). Many of the pieces have been made especially for Haciendas and collectors of fine custom furniture. Also a lot of the pieces are quite large but that is not a problem for them, they are willing to create whatever you may desire.I was quite overwhelmed when I went through the web-site. I wanted two bedside tables and a chaise lounge for "reading".
When I initially contacted the company by email, explaining what I wanted, colours, fabric etc, JKM responded right away. I was sent samples of leather, suede and painted wood with different colour combinations. I was also clearly shown the prices and breakdown of all expenses including shipping costs. I gave half deposit upon ordering and was told it would take about 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and this was during Christmas Holidays!!!! True to their word everything was ready to be shipped after 4 weeks, I was very impressed. The pieces arrived crated, wrapped in plastic, cardboard and foam, I have never seen such care in shipping! The crates were held together by hundreds of screws not nails, thank God I brought our cordless drill.
After unpacking and carefully inspecting my new pieces, everything was perfect. Yes, my furniture is a little different but exactly what I wanted with beautiful workmanship. The furniture looks great with our other pieces we brought from Canada. To me, they are considered ART. I have to say it was a pleasure working with JKM, who looks after all orders. I highly recommend Jorge Kurczyn to anyone wishing to purchase something unique and furniture they will have forever. Check out the website.

Jhon Lewis