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Bed BED103

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The amazing headboard a unique and visually appealing piece of furniture. Crafted from a solid timber wood slab, it showcases the natural beauty of the wood. The headboard has been engineered to seamlessly integrate with the bed frame, providing stability and durability.One of the notable features of this headboard is its thickness. With a 4-inch thickness, it creates a substantial and impressive presence in the bedroom. The smooth finish enhances the overall aesthetics, giving it a sleek and polished look.To highlight the natural characteristics of the wood, a natural stain finish has been applied. This finish allows the grain pattern and color variations of the timber to shine through, adding warmth and depth to the headboard's appearance.This headboard is available in both queen size and king size, ensuring compatibility with various bed dimensions and accommodating different mattress sizes.

Dimesions: 90" W x 72" H x 86" D

Availability: By order