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Bar Stool BST71

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When decorating your home interior, space is always a consideration.
For this reason multifunctional furniture is always a good consideration. When you are entertaining and your sofas and chairs are full, our handcrafted bar stools are a great idea for extra seating.
The seat of this custom bar stool is upholstered with luminous, natural colored full grain leather, and the seat has extra padding for comfort.
The upholstery is hand tacked to the entire wood frame with the greatest care by our skilled craftsmen. The base of the bar stool is decorated with hand forged nails. The bar stool is made with the best wood available, and is durable and comfortable. The entire bar stool sits on splayed wood legs joined by an ornate curved cut footrest box stretcher. It swivels 180° and is 100% customizable.

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