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End Table Flor de Paz ETBL88

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All of the hand carving for our luxury furniture is created by our skilled craftsmen. This talent is reflected in the ornate hand carvings on the cabinet doors and on the top crest of this handcrafted end table. The end table has two, rectangular, cabinet doors, with an inside shelf for storage. The cabinet door panels have cut, semi-arched designs, and they are adorned with exquisite, hand carved, floral designs. Each cabinet door also has a hand forged, iron, pull handle. The top crest of this end table has matching, beautiful, hand carved, floral details, including a lovely, hand carved flower in its center. Directly below the table top is a rectangular drawer, and centered in the drawer is a hand forged, iron, pull handle. The end table has cut, rectangular panels on each side, and its rest on a lovely, wood molding base. Made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available, it is 100% customizable.

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