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Desk DSK60

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Main Desk : 84" W x 31" H x 66" D/r/nReturn Desk : 50" W x 31" H x 21" D/r/nWith its leopard patterned upholstery and its practical “L” shape, this handcrafted desk will be a focal point in your home décor. The center of the top of the principal desk is upholstered with dark, full grain leather in a rectangular design. The area bordering the leather is upholstered with simulated, leopard patterned, full grain leather. The leather is precision-tacked to the top of the desk with gilt nails. The inner desk has two, top, adjoining rectangular drawers, and to their left are three rectangular drawers. On the right side of the desk are two additional drawers, and centered in every drawer is a forged iron handle. The entire top rim and the side uprights of its front are adorned with carved geometric designs. Centered in the front of the desk is a large carved rhombus with circular designs within. The adjoining front panels are upholstered with matching, leopard patterned, full grain leather. There is a straight apron on its front and sides, and its rests on robust, turned, ball style feet. The desk is 100% customizable, and it may be combined with its matching credenza.

Dimesions: 84" W x 31" H x 86" D

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