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Desk DSK43

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This creative, innovative, handcrafted desk is functional art. It can serve as a beautiful, functional desk, and it can also conceal your computer keyboard. Within the desk is a lift mechanism, and the lift can raise and lower your keyboard. The desk has an open, wide top, with a classic, straight, top rim. Resting on the top of the desk is a solid wood crest, with marvelous, hand carved, floral and scroll designs. On the left side of the desk is a rectangular drawer, and center in the drawer is a hand forged, iron handle. Under the drawer is a cabinet door, with practical storage space inside the desk. The cabinet door has a rectangular cut design on its face, and a hand forged, iron handle on its side. The desk rest on a sold wood molding base, and it is made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available.
It is 100% customizable.

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