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Desk DSK42

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If you are currently in the petroleum industry, or have been in the industry, then this handcrafted, Western style desk is a perfect addition to your office. The desk is supported by two marvelous pedestals, and each pedestal is designed to represent a hand forged, iron petroleum rig. Included in the design is an additional rig with three pumpers, all with hand forged, iron details. Each pedestals has three, curved, solid wood feet, and the pedestals are connected by a solid wood crossbar. The crossbar is embellished with exquisite, hand carved, geometric designs. The top of the desk has an inner rectangular design covered with rich, brown, full grain leather, and the rectangular design is bordered with contrasting, patterned, full grain leather. The leather is attached to the top of the desk with ornate, gilt nails, and the leather is double stitched for extra strength and durability. The desk has three, horizontal, rectangular drawers, and each drawer has a hand forged, iron handle in its center. The area below the drawers has an elegant, hand carved, twist rope design, and this design is continued on the lateral sides of the desk. The desk is made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available. It is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 72" W x 30" H x 32" D

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