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Chair Brand 3 CHR64B

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You can personalize this Western style, handcrafted chair by adding your hand carved initials or ranch brand to the chair’s lower solid wood rim. All of our hand carving is performed in our factory by our skilled craftsmen. This chair rest on exquisitely, curved cabriole legs. The stained wood molding runs from the top of the shield shaped seat back to the end of the armrest. The sides of each armrest are decorated with a hand forged iron concho with long, decorative leather cords.
Leather fringe is hand tacked to all sides of the lower base of the chair. The seat is upholstered with rich, brown full grain leather. The inside seat back is upholstered in contrasting, brown, embossed full grain leather. The reverse seat back and the sides of this chair are upholstered in patterned, real cowhide. The leather upholstery is double stitched together for extra strength and durability. Also, the upholstery is precision hand tacked to the wood frame by our skilled craftsmen. Both beautiful and durable, the chair is made with the best wood available. It is 100% customizable.

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