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Bench BCH95A

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The exquisite, hand hammered copper and hand tooled copper details on this handcrafted, Western style settee are representative of the talent of our skilled craftsmen. The settee has a wide, comfortable, well padded seat, and the seat is upholstered with rich, brown, patterned, full grain leather. The seat is accompanied with lovely, curved armrests, and the armrests flow downward to their connection with the setteeĀ“s front feet. The lower, padded seat back is divided into three sections, and each section is upholstered with matching, patterned, full grain leather. All of the upholstery is precision hand tacked to the frame with decorative, gilt nails. The settee has a tall, curved, solid wood, upper seat back, and the upper seat back is embellished with three, extended ovals. Each oval is covered with a hand hammered copper panel, and the copper is hand tooled with marvelous, floral and scroll details. Surrounding the top of the oval designs are exquisite, hand carved, floral and scroll details, and the hand carved details are accompanied with four, hand forged, iron hooks for hanging coats or hats. The settee rest on a solid wood base and the base is supported by hand turned, tapered feet in the front and square cut feet in the back. The settee has a classic finish, and it is made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available. It is 100% customizable.

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