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Bed BED93

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This handcrafted, Western style, four poster bed will be treasured by you and your family for generations to come. The headboard has an arched, solid wood, top molding, and the molding flows downward with scroll sides. The front of the headboard has a large, curved, padded panel, and the panel is upholstered with rich, brown, full grain leather. The leather is embellished with a magnificent, button tuft design, and the entire, upholstered panel is bordered by an elegant, hand carved, twist rope design. The headboard is framed by robust, hand turned columns, adorned with gorgeous, hand carved, spiral designs. The rectangular footboard has a staggered, top molding, and the front of the footboard has two, large, rectangular panels. Each panel is upholstered with matching, brown, full grain leather, and the leather is accented with a marvelous, button tuft design. The panels are bordered by a lovely, hand carved, twist rope design. The footboard is framed by ornate, solid wood uprights, and each upright has a staggered, molding finial. Resting on each upright is a spectacular, hand turned column, with exquisite, spiral designs. The base of all four columns have wonderful, hand turned details, and the capital of each column has hand turned designs with fluted details. The bed has a solid wood, structural frame, and its rest on a wood molding base. It has an opulent, dark finish, and it is made with the base, sustainable, wood available. The bed is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 80" W x 90" H x 85" D

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