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Bed BED86

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For a gorgeous design, adorned this beautiful, handcrafted, Western style bed with its matching end tables (ETBL107). The bed has a rectangular headboard, with a classic, straight, top rim. The front of the headboard has a rectangular, padded panel, and the panel is covered with rich, brown, full grain leather. Adjoining the panel is a hand hammered, copper border with hand forged, iron conchos intermittently hand tacked to the border. Each side of the top of the headboard has a cut out, triangular design, with a large, hand forged, iron concho on each side of the triangle. The bed has a solid wood, rectangular footboard, and adorning the top of the footboard is a hand forged, iron bar. The iron bar is secured to the footboard with hand forged, iron conchos, and the front of the footboard is embellished with a robust, solid wood panel. The footboard has two, solid wood, lateral uprights, and each upright is accented with three, large, hand forged, iron conchos. The bed has a solid wood, structural base, and it has an antique finish. It is made with the best, sustainable, solid wood available, and it is 100% customizable.

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