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Bar Rodeo BAR02

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Embellish your home décor with this magnificent, solid timber bar. The handcrafted bar has a semi-circular front, with a large, wide, sweeping top. Its curved top has a beveled design, with a gently, staggered, front top rim. Below the front rim are eight, large, arched panels, and the center of each panel is adorned with a beautiful carved crown resting on a pillow. It has a forged iron foot rail, and the bar rest on a curved staggered base. Its reverse side has practical drawers and shelving. The bar is accompanied with a marvelous, large, handcrafted cabinet. The top of the cabinet has a top crown molding, and the side of the molding is embellished with carved, geometric, arched details. Its upper front has a centered, carved, long horn bull head, and adorning the bull´s head is a hand hammered and tooled crown. Surrounding the bull´s neck is a padded, full grain leather collar with three leather tassels. There are two open arches on each side of the upper top, and the open areas are enriched with forged iron rods. Gorgeous, carved, floral and scroll details enhance the entire upper panel. Below is a large, centered, open area, with two cabinet doors on each side. The doors are covered with glass in an arched design, with shelving inside. On the side of the open area are turned ornate columns, and below each cabinet door is a rectangular drawer. This furniture is divided by a wide, hand hammered copper countertop, with a lower copper sink. There is practical open shelving below. Two additional tables accompany the bar, and each table has a copper top and shelving in its front. Each piece is 100% customizable, and we have a wide variety of handcrafted barstools that may accompany your bar.

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