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Bar Stool BST83

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This barstool is a high-quality and stylish seating option suitable for both bars and counters. The stool is made out of solid Timberwood, which ensures its durability and stability. The seat is upholstered with full-grain leather that has been double-stitched for added strength. The leather is embossed with a unique pattern, and the brass tacks used to secure it give the stool an elegant and sophisticated look./r/nThis barstool is designed to be very comfortable, making it perfect for long hours of sitting. The stool can be used with or without brass casters, depending on your preference. The addition of casters makes it easy to move the stool around, while the absence of casters gives it a more traditional look./r/nThis  barstool can also be customized with a swivel mechanism, which allows the user to rotate the seat 360 degrees. This feature adds functionality to the stool and makes it more versatile. The stool is available in both bar and counter sizes, making it suitable for a variety of settings.
Overall, the Bst83 barstool is a high-quality and versatile seating option that combines style, comfort, and functionality.

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