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Bar Stool Conde BST60

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Whether you are a prince or a duke, you will feel like a king sitting in this magnificent Spanish colonial style stationary handcrafted bar stool. Incorporating spectacular Baroque details, this custom bar stool will make a big design statement when it is placed in your home. The inside seat back and the armrest are upholstered in brilliant full grain leather, the inside seat back is upholstered with intricately detailed, embossed full grain leather, and the reverse seat back is upholstered in patterned fine fabric. All upholstery is precision hand tacked to the entire wood frame by our skilled craftsmen. All main accents of the bar stool, including the top crest, the body rim, and main body, have beautiful ornate hand carved floral designs and scrolling. All hand carving is performed by our skilled craftsmen.
Each side of the bar stool has additional arm rest with areas to place your drink. The bar stool also has a beautifully finished footrest. The long cabriole legs of this custom bar stool are joined by a midway “H” stretcher decorated with hand carvings. The feet are also hand carved.
Both beautiful and durable, the bar stool is made with the best wood available. It is 100% customizable.

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