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Bar Stool Willy 6 BST25F

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We have a wide range of full grain leather and real cowhide to choose from, and you may select the upholstery for your bar stool that complements your home décor. The inside seatback of this handcrafted bar stool is upholstered with simulated, crocodile patterned, full grain leather. The reverse seatback is upholstered with real cowhide and crocodile patterned, full grain leather. The two different leathers are separated by leather fringe in a ”V” design. The top of the padded seat and the armrest are upholstered with chocolate brown, full grain leather. The sides of the seat are upholstered with patterned, hair on hide cowhide. The junctions of the leather are double stitched together for greater strength and durability. The upholstery is also precision-tacked to the solid wood frame with decorative gilt nails. The bar stool rests on cabriole style legs joined by a curved “H” stretcher. Its two front legs are enhanced with custom wooly chaps made of lamb’s wool, and two, forged iron conchos with leather ties adorn its front. It swivels 180° and is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 25" W x 42.5" H x 22" D

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