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Bar Stool La Rocca Vaquero BST17

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This remarkable bar stool is finely upholstered with rich antique style brown full grain leather on the seat and on the inside seatback, with contrasting patterned full grain leather on the reverse seatback. The central part of the inside seatback is further enhanced by an intricate button tufted design. The solid finished seat frame is decorated with hand carved scrolling on the armrest and hand forged iron conchos on the its lower body. The full grain leather upholstery is painstakingly hand tacked to the entire body by our craftsmen. The entire body is resting on a strong wood trumpet pedestal that is supported by four hand carved wood feet, joined by a hand forged circular footrest. This bar stool swivels 180° and is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 25" W x 42" H x 24" D

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