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Bar Stool El Matador Bajo 9 BST02H

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Think about the color of the cape of a matador. This is the color of the fabric covering this model of the El Matador bar stool. This very imaginative bar stool has red fabric covering the seat, and is a different option for your living room. Also, this handcrafted bar stool differs in that the pedestal and feet are more robust. Staying true to the El Matador Bajo bar stool series, the bar stool has a circular top covered with rich leather and real cowhide hand tacked around the base, trumpet pedestal, four hand-carved feet, and hand forged iron circular footrest. This handcrafted bar stool swivels 360° and is 100% customizable.

Dimesions: 30" W x 27" H x 15" D

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