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Santa Marcela vnt07

Finished with sanded down turquoise around all sides, this spacious and elegant vanity design based on Spanish Colonial influences uses the best quality Pinero wood. Beautiful hand crafted vanity design with costumizable double sink copper paneled counter top. Followed by demi-lune frieze embellished beautifully with copper tooled conchos finished in silver above three frieze cock-beaded drawers, being the side ones compact and the middle larger. The large drawer rests above two cabinet doors, flanked on either side by two more compact drawers. All with hand forged drop-ring iron handles and hand forged iron rings for handles on cabinets. This furniture item may or may not comprise double sink customizable copper paneled counter-top, be it plain or hand tooled, relative to your preference. Built to last you a lifetime! 100% customizable.


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