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Sancho dsk10

Elegant solid kneehole desk design featuring bowed curved top front with hand carved rope twist rim. The top comprises hand tacked wide tooled leather panel. Raised superstructure follows with three inset frieze drawers with hand forged iron knobs and drop-ring handle in the middle. All above wide side drawers, both bearing hand forged iron handles. All drawers and panels boast hand hammered and hand tooled copper panels, as well as hand tooled conchos on corners (except the inset frieze drawers concho free). Side panels are embellished through foliate hand carvings and scalloped low rim, the three front panels boast similar tooled copper panels and conchos, followed by shaped apron and hand carved star on low rim. The whole rests on fine ring fluted wood-turned supports. Best quality materials, best Kurczyn designs, 100% customizable.


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