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Enriqueta Leather 2 chr22a

With its robust, solid wood frame and dark finish this handcrafted, Spanish colonial style chair is elegant, simple, and neutral. You can easily mix brightly colored furniture or accessories with this chair to create a spectacular Western décor. The chair is upholstered in dark stained, real cowhide upholstery that is carefully hand tacked to the entire wood frame. The chair is full of details, from its Western cut crest, lower scrolled lip, to its curved armrest. Also, hand forged iron nails adorn both sides of the chair and the top of the inside seat back. The chair rest on gently curved, splayed legs, joined by a solid “H” stretcher. With its lovely, curved reclined body, the chair is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The chair is made with the best wood available, and it is 100% customizable.

Dimensions: 28" W x 36" H x 32" D

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