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Heliodoro 2 chr17a

This Western style handcrafted chair uses varies tones of spectacular lavender colored upholstered to create a strikingly beautiful chair. The finely padded seat is upholstered in rich, lavender colored full grain leather, and the seat back is upholstered with lavender colored patterned fine fabric. The entire base of the seat is decorated with different sized gilt nail heads in the form of a cross. The lovely, curved armrest are hand carved with ornate scroll and floral designs. The entire base of the chair is adorned with a full grain leather fringe skirt that is hand tacked to the base. The upholstery is precision hand tacked to the entire wood frame by our skilled craftsmen. The chair rest on exquisitely, hand carved legs with ornate scroll and floral designs. The legs are joined by a hand carved shaped “H” stretcher. Both beautiful and durable, the chair is made with the best wood available. It is 100% customizable.


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