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Cowboy 3 bst27a

Whether it is the bar in your kitchen area, or the bar in your game room, both are spaces for your family or friends to get together. This lovely Western style handcrafted bar stool is perfect for either space, and will provide beautiful, comfortable, and sturdy seating. Made with a variety of genuine leather, the seat and armrest are upholstered with rich dark genuine leather, and the inside seat back is upholstered with contrasting dark genuine leather, with a Western cut design on the upper inside seat back. The reverse seat back is upholstered with highly embossed dark genuine leather. All upholstery is hand tacked with great care to the entire wood frame by our skilled craftsmen. This beautifully finished bar stool is both durable and comfortable, and is made with the best wood available. It has splayed legs joined by a midway box stretcher, and it swivels 180° and is customizable.

Dimensions: 26" W x 37.5" H x 23.5" D

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