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Las Botas 2 bch60a

Original and unique masterly handcrafted design from J.Kurczyn, similar to Las Botas Bench, yet different in its finish touch; revealing its long rectangular top featuring double side armrests or pillows in a very comfortable display. Upholstered with rugged ol' fashioned leather of the best quality and endurance, double stitched with matching leather cord around its top edge, and followed by hand tacked gilt nails painstakingly hammered around the entire lower rim. Following, a solid frame with a brief central bridge like gap, featuring on all sides handsome hand carved cowboy boots with leather toe straps and finished in a strongly faded turquoise western fashion on the overall sides. The boots rest on hand carved rope twist mould on the very bottom as in the upper "bridge" rim. Built with care, built to last, 100% customizable.

Dimensions: 60" W x 19" H x 18" D

Availability: By order